Why Travel To North Devon?

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the UK, why not travel to the North Devon area? This area of the country has got a lot of sights that you can see, and you would be able to take your whole family for a vacation there. The beautiful coastline in the Devon area extends all of the ways up north. And you would be able to enjoy sheer stunning cliffs in around Devon. The various towns and locales around Devon such as Lynton and Lynmouth are also picturesque, and there are many other tourist activities that you can also try out at these places in Devon.


The seaside resort town of Ilfracombe is definitely a spot that should visit whenever you are in Devon. You can charter a boat to explore the sea becauseIlfracombe has got a quaint harbor that you can check out. If you visitIlfracombe, you would enjoy a nice vacation by the sea. The town is also surrounded by some great views and scenic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. And many people travel to this place to catch an amazing glimpse of the ocean. The towering cliffs around Ilfracombe are also great places to explore.


This is another small harbor town that you should visit in North Devon. Travel to this place if you would like to see a small town on top of a cliff, you will get a majestic view of the ocean if you go to Lynton. This town also has a lot of attractions that you can visit. You can check out and ride the Lynton &Barnstaple Railway. The trains that they use are authentically antique, so you will get to ride on a classic coal powered train!


The coal train railway that starts in the town of Lynton also connects to Lynmouth, so you could easily try to ride the train between these locations. You can travel or stay at any of these two towns, and visiting either one is only a train ride away. You could try to also visit Lynmouth beach, which is a beautiful stretch of coasts near the town.


This town is North Devon is another great reason why you should travel to the area. You will get to see the wonderful stone beaches of the area if you travel to Minehead. The wildlife in the moors around the area is also teeming. And you will get to see some great animals if you visit the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, which is located in Minehead.

Westward Ho

Traveling to this seaside town in North Devon will also give you the opportunity to surf! The beaches around Westward Ho offer many surfing opportunities. So if you fancy learning how to surf, maybe you should enroll in one of the many surfing lessons offered in the town. There are all sorts of beach and sports activities that you should check out when you visit the town. And Westward Ho is definitely a place to travel to in North Devon.