Where Is Synthetic Urine Being Transported From?

The first time I was asked to take the drug test:

I failed miserably! I had only smoked weed once and only a couple of puffs at a bestie party and I didn’t even remember it. That was so long ago, like five weeks ago a couple of days plus or minus!

Yet, I failed?

This was crumbling. I didn’t know the effect of only one or two puffs of it stayed in the body for so long so as to be able to be traceable in the urine also. I was going to learn a lot more, you bet.

Now, my friends who were like animals that night of which I am talking about passed!

So, naturally, I was zapped. I was wondering if they could pass the drug test, there must have been something really special about this. That truth is stranger than fiction is something I was going to unravel soon. Only that I didn’t know that I was on a threshold of a big discovery, something that would serve to help me for the rest of my career.

I called up Adam to ask and he was amazed to know that I had not been able to make it. he asked me what brand I used and I was like dude! Brand; what brand?

How naïve of me:

He told me that all of them, Adam, Smith, Billy, and Joel gave synthetic pee for testing and that is how they were able to get away with the drug test in spite of the fact that they do drugs so very often.

The best synthetic pee review:

He put me on a couple of websites and explained to me in detail how the synthetic pee is made in labs and then transported to the addressee. This opened a world of possibilities to me. Though I am not into drugs, it is always good to know, right?