What Matters The Most In A Soccer Equipment list?

If you are a soccer player, then you sure have a big list of things that make up your Soccer equipment. But if you are newbie and not sure what you need, then you can read our quick list below.

  1. Get the right soccer cleats

You don’t have to wait till the end of this write-up to know the most important thing in your Soccer equipment list. It is without a doubt your footwear. Unless you are an ace player, you can definitely add more power to your soccer game just by choosing the right pair of soccer cleats.

I can confidently say that it was my footwear that improved my game play from being ordinary to extra ordinary. Choose soccer cleats that provide the right amount of traction on grass. You can also choose removable studs that let you vary the length of the studs based on the surface of the field.

  1. Shin-Guards

As soccer is primary a game that is played by feet, your shin is the most vulnerable to injuries. That is why buying a good pair of shin-guards is extremely important. You can buy slip on-style shin guards that go into your soccer socks. If you are worried about them moving around, you can hold them in place with sleeves.

Another type of shin guards are Ankle shin guards that also protect your ankles on either sides. As they offer maximum protection, they are usually recommended for young players and beginners.

There are also soccer socks that come with shin-guards built into them. These are very convenient as you don’t have to put in extra effort to hold them in place. These are ideal for young players.


  1. Socks

The come in different lengths from over the calf (OTF) to crew length to low-cut and no-show. You can use any length for practice but for a match, your socks should be over the calf and completely cover your shin-guard.