My Travel Food Diary

I am extremely conscious of what I eat:

While I take every bit of caution to eat right and consume in the best proportion as much as needed by my body’s metabolism, I have come to realize that the whole concept of healthy eating goes for a toss when I am traveling.

The reason I attribute to this is while we are traveling we are dependent on the eateries and stalls that are available in a limited circumference. There is no choice really; once you decide to skip an eatery in search for a better one on the route, there is a chance that there might not be any and that you may consequently have to skip the meal itself.

Now, this can be dangerous:

Skipping meals can be dangerous especially when you are outside the home. You need to have energy levels to be able to take care of yourself. While traveling you cannot expect every one on the way to help you in case you have a weakness. You cannot afford to faint and fall – you get the drift?

I came across this application on the web while browsing one day:

It is called ‘My fafo’ and it is an incredible little app. I am still amused why no one thought about this before. This quaint little app; because it takes very little space on my smart phone helps me navigate through a lot of places where I can eat. This means that if I am traveling and I want to eat at a particular time then I need to just check if there is any other food outlet on my way to the destination. If it says yes there is I go ahead and if it negates, then I pick up a parcel from the one that I am passing immediately. See, how simple it makes life when you are traveling.

But wait, it helps me even when I am at the station! Three cheers for this wonderful app!!