ReLive A Bit Of American History In Vietnam

The United States and Vietnam share a unique bit of history, especially due to the fact that many American lives were lost in the Vietnam soil. If you are a tourist or have some inclinations to history then Vietnam is a good place to visit. One can arrange for Vietnam visa from usa through many travel agents and visit the wonderful country that has regrouped after the war.

Below are some of the places of historical importance to visit

  1. The Reunification Palace: This is also called as the Independence Palace; this is located in Saigon and is officially the place where the Vietnam War ended.
  2. War Remnants Museum: This three storied building has a lot of artifacts, photo galleries, and unexploded ordnance. This is a must visit place for anyone interested in history.
  3. Cu Chi Tunnels: The tunnels played an important part in the war, today they are open for tourists and it is a must visit the site for anyone. This is a massive network of tunnels and had well-engineered living areas, factories, hospitals etc.
  4. Hoi An: This is a riverside town which also served as a major port until a couple of centuries back. This is also in the list of UNESCO world heritage site.
  5. Hao Lo Prison: This prison situated in Hanoi had seen many prisoners of war and was also one of the places where pro-Independence people were kept.
  6. Hue: This is the place where one of the toughest wars was fought and had seen a lot of causalities on both sides. Ruins and Royal tombs stand as silent witnesses today with their many bullet-ridden
  7. Nha Trang: This is a nice beach town that was also the home to one of the important US air base.

Thus there are many places of historical importance to visit along with the many beaches and attractive tourist spots in Vietnam.