My Travel Food Diary

I am extremely conscious of what I eat:

While I take every bit of caution to eat right and consume in the best proportion as much as needed by my body’s metabolism, I have come to realize that the whole concept of healthy eating goes for a toss when I am traveling.

The reason I attribute to this is while we are traveling we are dependent on the eateries and stalls that are available in a limited circumference. There is no choice really; once you decide to skip an eatery in search for a better one on the route, there is a chance that there might not be any and that you may consequently have to skip the meal itself.

Now, this can be dangerous:

Skipping meals can be dangerous especially when you are outside the home. You need to have energy levels to be able to take care of yourself. While traveling you cannot expect every one on the way to help you in case you have a weakness. You cannot afford to faint and fall – you get the drift?

I came across this application on the web while browsing one day:

It is called ‘My fafo’ and it is an incredible little app. I am still amused why no one thought about this before. This quaint little app; because it takes very little space on my smart phone helps me navigate through a lot of places where I can eat. This means that if I am traveling and I want to eat at a particular time then I need to just check if there is any other food outlet on my way to the destination. If it says yes there is I go ahead and if it negates, then I pick up a parcel from the one that I am passing immediately. See, how simple it makes life when you are traveling.

But wait, it helps me even when I am at the station! Three cheers for this wonderful app!!

Travel Issues you need to be Aware of

Although travelling might sound all fun and chirpy when heard, there are some troubles and a lot of stress. Travel is only fun when you have got it all together by planning well ahead or when you are pretty laid back and do not have a lot on your plate planned for your vacation. When you are travelling you need to know the issues that might turn up so you could be prepared if the need be.

Keep all your documents intact – It is important that you keep all your documents including your passport and insurance and visa and all other vital documents organized or in place at all times. Your trip could go unplanned if any of it goes missing.

Travel and health insurance – it is important to read up on the place you are planning to visit and be acquainted with all the medical procedures there. In some countries, a doctor visit could be expensive and your travel insurance needs to cover that so you do not end up spending a huge amount of medical expenses.

Diseases and impromptu outbreaks- When you are planning a vacation to a destination it is vital to do a research to know I there are any recent outbreaks of contagious diseases and how important it is to be vaccinated against it. How easily are the vaccines available are a point you need to be aware of. You need to talk to your GP and know about these situations.

International bank cards – it is important that you carry the international cards wherever you go as not all cards work internationally. It could certainly kill all your shopping plans if your card is not working when you need to swipe. Your destination is the best place to shop for all the things and I got a dry sack bag for my birthday while I was travelling.


Investing in a campervan is expensive business. Unless you have a good amount of money to buy a firsthand camper van, redoing a pre-owned campervan is also a good idea. Then again, refurbishing your it does not always need to be an expensive affair.

Just a few hacks here and there and you can easily refurbish your van to become as good as new. All you need here is the will, time and effort to do it. These efforts are also valid when renting out a motorhome; this is the site where I hired a motorhome in Scotland.

Some of the tricks you can try are:

Update the engine service: Even if the overall condition of the campervan looks fine, a little bit of engine servicing will go a long way. Check the spark plugs and points and change the fuses with new ones. In case you are not confident, any local mechanic will be able to do this for you.

Deciding what to keep and what to give up: Before you head out for your first road trip, assess the current condition of the van. Check for all unnecessary things that are taking up space or things that may be making the vehicle slower. Weight the things if they are worth taking on the trip, if not, it is best to get rid of them.

Clean out all insects, spiders and rodents: These are the last things you want accompanying you on the trip. Make sure you use all the insecticides and traps needed to get rid of all pests.

Cleaning Up: A good clean up itself will actually help your campervan look like new. You can use various cleaning agents and vacuuming options. When the layer of dust accumulated over the van is removed, it gives a new look. Depending upon the materials used in the interiors, you can also consider waxing and polishing surfaces to give it a clean and fresh look.

Change the upholstery: The campervan is to be your home for the trip, if the seats and cushions are torn and tattered, your trip will unnecessarily be uncomfortable. Changing them will lend new attractive looks as well as make your trip more comfortable.

What Matters The Most In A Soccer Equipment list?

If you are a soccer player, then you sure have a big list of things that make up your Soccer equipment. But if you are newbie and not sure what you need, then you can read our quick list below.

  1. Get the right soccer cleats

You don’t have to wait till the end of this write-up to know the most important thing in your Soccer equipment list. It is without a doubt your footwear. Unless you are an ace player, you can definitely add more power to your soccer game just by choosing the right pair of soccer cleats.

I can confidently say that it was my footwear that improved my game play from being ordinary to extra ordinary. Choose soccer cleats that provide the right amount of traction on grass. You can also choose removable studs that let you vary the length of the studs based on the surface of the field.

  1. Shin-Guards

As soccer is primary a game that is played by feet, your shin is the most vulnerable to injuries. That is why buying a good pair of shin-guards is extremely important. You can buy slip on-style shin guards that go into your soccer socks. If you are worried about them moving around, you can hold them in place with sleeves.

Another type of shin guards are Ankle shin guards that also protect your ankles on either sides. As they offer maximum protection, they are usually recommended for young players and beginners.

There are also soccer socks that come with shin-guards built into them. These are very convenient as you don’t have to put in extra effort to hold them in place. These are ideal for young players.


  1. Socks

The come in different lengths from over the calf (OTF) to crew length to low-cut and no-show. You can use any length for practice but for a match, your socks should be over the calf and completely cover your shin-guard.

Points To Consider Before Buying A Binocular

A binocular is an important tool in many vacations and expeditions and it is important to spend some quality time before purchasing one. The following are some of the points to keep note of

  1. Find your use:

There are many types of binoculars and each has different specifications. First and foremost is to identify the purpose for which you are buying the binocular. A person going on vacation to a beach does not need a night vision binocular. Whereas a person going on night safari may need it. Thus, one has to be clear on what he or she is going to use it for and then purchase the right kind of binocular.

  1. Be realistic on cost:

A simple binocular that is used for sight-seeing a city may not be that costly whereas one that is needed for special purposes like higher magnification or greater field of view or night vision is sure to get costlier as you increase the feature and quality. Thus, one has to be realistic on their budget based on needs.

  1. Understand various parameters:

There are various parameters that determine the capabilities of a binocular, some of them are magnification, focal length, the field of view etc. Understand which parameter is important for your purpose and decide what value you need.

  1. Review properly:

Once parameters, cost, and use are determined then browse the internet to find reliable and valuable reviews. One can find many reviews on the internet and some are written by people who have actually used that particular model of binocular, these reviews here are very helpful in understanding how it fares well compared to others.

Once all the above factors are considered it is easy for anyone to zero in on a couple of models they want to buy. Pick out the one which is available on sale or one that fits your needs and budget.

ReLive A Bit Of American History In Vietnam

The United States and Vietnam share a unique bit of history, especially due to the fact that many American lives were lost in the Vietnam soil. If you are a tourist or have some inclinations to history then Vietnam is a good place to visit. One can arrange for Vietnam visa from usa through many travel agents and visit the wonderful country that has regrouped after the war.

Below are some of the places of historical importance to visit

  1. The Reunification Palace: This is also called as the Independence Palace; this is located in Saigon and is officially the place where the Vietnam War ended.
  2. War Remnants Museum: This three storied building has a lot of artifacts, photo galleries, and unexploded ordnance. This is a must visit place for anyone interested in history.
  3. Cu Chi Tunnels: The tunnels played an important part in the war, today they are open for tourists and it is a must visit the site for anyone. This is a massive network of tunnels and had well-engineered living areas, factories, hospitals etc.
  4. Hoi An: This is a riverside town which also served as a major port until a couple of centuries back. This is also in the list of UNESCO world heritage site.
  5. Hao Lo Prison: This prison situated in Hanoi had seen many prisoners of war and was also one of the places where pro-Independence people were kept.
  6. Hue: This is the place where one of the toughest wars was fought and had seen a lot of causalities on both sides. Ruins and Royal tombs stand as silent witnesses today with their many bullet-ridden
  7. Nha Trang: This is a nice beach town that was also the home to one of the important US air base.

Thus there are many places of historical importance to visit along with the many beaches and attractive tourist spots in Vietnam.

A Travel For The Taste Of Coffee

Coffee is generally known as a good stuff for the heart. The cocoa content in coffee is considered good for the healthy functioning of the heart. It is for this reason that many people consume coffee as the first thing in their day. It regulates and soothes the heart by regulating the heart beat rate and ensures that it is in the pink of its health. Some patients with heart problems are recommended to take coffee at least once in a day.

Anything beyond a limit is not considered good for health. Same holds good for coffee too. You are not supposed to consume excess quantity of this drink which might lead to problems in future like dizziness, low pressure etc… So taste the flavor of it limitedly and enjoy the taste throughout the day unlimitedly. There are a lot of drinks in the market but nothing can match the flavor, aroma, and taste of this drink, coffee. It is for this reason that people take it as their first drink in the morning. It refreshes you, makes your day bright and you will be able to taste the flavor all through the day.

It is all in how you prepare it and from whom you buy the coffee beans from. Some of the best wholesale coffee suppliers help you with the best quality coffee beans and a coffee that is prepared from these are considered the best. You get this everywhere around the world and hence you will not be missing your daily energizing first drink even if you are traveling to a different place. In fact, there are some countries that are known for their best flavors and having coffee in such places is like heaven and there could be nothing better in life than that. So plan your next trip to such places for enjoying nature and its natural beverage.

Eating At The Castle Inn Restaurant and Bar

Eating At The Castle Inn Restaurant and Bar

You will be offered a lot of dining and drinking options if you decide to sample the food that is served in the bar and restaurant of Castle Inn. Some of the best-tasting food can be had at the inn’s restaurant. And only the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the food that you will eat. All of the restaurant’s dishes are also made with the most appetizing and authentic ingredients, so you will get to taste some of the best local cuisines in the area. Many people travel to the Castle Inn just to eat the food that is served there.

Eating at the Castle Inn restaurant

The Castle Inn restaurants have got a lot of dining options that you can choose. You can sample some of the best Devon cuisines if you eat at the restaurant in the inn. Mouthwatering delights are yours to order if you want to eat dinner or lunch there. You can order tender and cooked to perfection steaks, or even order some fresh salads as well. You could find any food that would fit anyone’s tastes.

The intimate setting of the restaurant also makes it a great place for parties. So if you are planning to host an event, the restaurant at Castle Inn could be your best choice. The restaurant has got a lot of party and function rooms that you can choose. And it may be a good idea to try and check out the function rooms at the restaurant. There are rooms that can serve all different sizes of parties, from smaller intimate events to bigger ones aswell

The team at the restaurant has got years of experience in the food service industry. They have got the experience with private dining, customized catering menus, and even large buffets as well. The cooking team at the restaurant will be able to whip up anything that you want from delicious finger foods to full-course meals!

The bar experience at Castle Inn

You would be able to choose a large selection of fine wine, freshly brewed beers, and liquor at the bar in Castle Inn. And with that huge number of choices of liquor that you have, you are bound to be able to find something that can appease your palate or taste in drinks.

The beers that you can order from the bar are all made and bought from local breweries. So you would actually be able to drink some of the finest beers that are offered in the area.

The experience at drinking at the bar in Castle Inn is more casual. The relaxing environment of the bar is going to set you at ease, so it would be a perfect place to unwind and get a drink if you are inclined to do so. The cozy atmosphere of the bar is sure to put you at ease. And the patrons at the bar are all friendly as well. The bar even features an open fireplace, so that you would be able to have an even cozier and warmer feeling drinking at the bar.

In addition to the drinks that you can order at the bar, you may also be able to order from an extensive list of great-tasting bar food. Drinking at the Castle Inn bar could the perfect end to a long day if you would just like a warm bar to relax in.

Why Travel To North Devon?

Why Travel To North Devon?

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the UK, why not travel to the North Devon area? This area of the country has got a lot of sights that you can see, and you would be able to take your whole family for a vacation there. The beautiful coastline in the Devon area extends all of the ways up north. And you would be able to enjoy sheer stunning cliffs in around Devon. The various towns and locales around Devon such as Lynton and Lynmouth are also picturesque, and there are many other tourist activities that you can also try out at these places in Devon.


The seaside resort town of Ilfracombe is definitely a spot that should visit whenever you are in Devon. You can charter a boat to explore the sea becauseIlfracombe has got a quaint harbor that you can check out. If you visitIlfracombe, you would enjoy a nice vacation by the sea. The town is also surrounded by some great views and scenic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. And many people travel to this place to catch an amazing glimpse of the ocean. The towering cliffs around Ilfracombe are also great places to explore.


This is another small harbor town that you should visit in North Devon. Travel to this place if you would like to see a small town on top of a cliff, you will get a majestic view of the ocean if you go to Lynton. This town also has a lot of attractions that you can visit. You can check out and ride the Lynton &Barnstaple Railway. The trains that they use are authentically antique, so you will get to ride on a classic coal powered train!


The coal train railway that starts in the town of Lynton also connects to Lynmouth, so you could easily try to ride the train between these locations. You can travel or stay at any of these two towns, and visiting either one is only a train ride away. You could try to also visit Lynmouth beach, which is a beautiful stretch of coasts near the town.


This town is North Devon is another great reason why you should travel to the area. You will get to see the wonderful stone beaches of the area if you travel to Minehead. The wildlife in the moors around the area is also teeming. And you will get to see some great animals if you visit the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, which is located in Minehead.

Westward Ho

Traveling to this seaside town in North Devon will also give you the opportunity to surf! The beaches around Westward Ho offer many surfing opportunities. So if you fancy learning how to surf, maybe you should enroll in one of the many surfing lessons offered in the town. There are all sorts of beach and sports activities that you should check out when you visit the town. And Westward Ho is definitely a place to travel to in North Devon.