The Best Strategies for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holiday season can mean different things to different people. Holidays are occasions for family get-together events, family dinners, parties and lots more. There are all the delicious cuisines on the table and the best of wine at home. This is when you have to be extra careful not to consume too much alcohol or do drugs. For staying sober during the holidays here are a few tips –

If you are in a recovery phase, take extra care

Holidays are the most critical times for those who are on their recovery phase after substance abuse. Find all the help you need and stick with the exercise and diet routines you are prescribed in order to keep your body healthy and your mind focused. Be with your family and accept their support in helping you stay sober. You can find more beneficial tips at

Identify your triggers

If you know that there are specific triggers that can tempt you to go back to alcohol or doing drugs identify them and avoid them. If there are friends with whom you had earlier done drugs, those who can be a bad influence or bring back the memories and act as triggers, avoid them as well. Spend time instead doing things you love doing and with your loved ones who are determined to help you.

Plan your holidays and keep yourself busy

You might end up signing up for last-minute parties or other events where you are likely to lose control if you have too much time at hand. Plan your holidays in advance. Schedule your activities and the parties you plan to attend. Go on a vacation with your family or enroll yourself in a course or learn a new skill. Figure out the most effective ways to keep yourself occupied.

How Ships Were Made Waterproof During The Age Of Sail

During the sailing years, it was a great tension when even a small crack was found somewhere on the ship. This is so because there are chances of water rushing in to sink down the boat or ship.

The main construction

  • Materials used: Almost all the ships were made of clinker, a strong material that was constructed as long planks overlapped and bolted at either of its every edge. Usually, the building process starts from the outside portion leading to incorporating a physical inner frame for structural purposes.

Some others used a different classy style of wooden construction better known as the carvel. They opted for primarily placing the inner frame and then riveted the long planks to it. This method was introduced during the middle ages and was gradually absorbed in the further ship making process.

Benefits of using carvel over clinker: Carvel was designed from the high-quality wood that gave the ships a more resistant framework and the fair watertight properties. Whereas, the clinker ones had the overlying planks that gave it a light feeling.

About the utilized tools


  • An axe was employed in its sophisticated ways
  • To assure the at most strength and tractability, wood grains were applied
  • Sawn timber was also exercised for the building but was less sounding than the axe

Steps for waterproofing

On those days, people used natural gums provided by the environment that gave the best waterproofing qualities. For example

  • The Tarring property substances were better used to stamp the leaking areas of the ship body.
  • Even the sailing cloth was lubricated with natural oil that helps withstand the twisting and turning of fabric during rough situations.
  • Further, the waxing process continued to lend the waterproofing characteristics.

Top Things People Hate About Traveling

I like traveling but there are certain things about traveling that definitely spoils my mood. I really need to learn How to Stop being afraid of travelling.

The most common things that scare people when traveling are:

  • Toilets- If you are a budget traveler then toilet woes are not uncommon. The train and the bus stations are filthy and many restaurants to has dirty toilets. Some things are bearable but when it comes to dirty toilets it just puts your travel plans to rest. All that most of us end up doing is to avoid the food timings and lessen the intake of fluids so that the trips to the toilets are lesser.
  • Dirty feet – Cracked heels are common with every travel. This is very unfortunate thanks to the flip-flops that are widely used during traveling. The polluted streets also dry our heels.
  • Airports and waiting- The wait timings at the airport, the traffic jams to reach the airport and all the packing is really daunting. The takeoff and landings and the vomiting can also be a real hassle for most passengers.
  • Hotel policies –The early check-out and late check-in policy at the hotels mean that you have to rush and miss out on your sleep. This is irritating especially if you have had a real hectic vacation.
  • The tickets of the airlines today are another thing that can really put you off. Have you ever experienced when your flight tickets were cheaper than the taxes and other charges on it
  • Jet lag is another thing that puts me off when I travel abroad. It is impossible to make your body adjust to the different time zones so often.

Even though these are some of the problems that most travelers face, but is it that tough? Not really. It is best to keep these issues aside and start exploring the world and see the brighter side of the travel journey.

What the future of travel looks like and how it affects you

Traveling is the best part of one’s life. When you travel and visit a variety of destinations and meet different kinds of people it gives you a splendid feeling. Anything that deviates from a normal routine is always good. For children, it is a very good learning experience. We will have many aspirations to travel and experience different places. But quite inconclusive of how to plan.

Trending websites – A futuristic development

We have trending websites and online portals to help us assist in a manner that best suits us. This is a how the future of travel is shaping up and keeping on developing. They offer the cheapest packages. When we are confused on how to travel and where to stay, we get the best suggestions from them. We can pay for an entire package or pay for only what is required from them, just accommodation for example. We can choose what type of destinations based on the climate. They give us an idea of the popular hotels in a place and their prices. Some of the organizations have their personalized flights too. Lastminuteweb Corendon is one best option in this field.

Travel moving for a cause

It can be expected that travel agency gets associated with social service organizations to engage the orphaned people to visit places and enjoy. It is also probable that they tie-up with schools to educate children on the historical places. Elderly people in old age homes also have to be brought to taken to travel the world and relax. This can also seem a good future for the travel agencies. When travel is designed for a cause it becomes more valuable and memorable. The future of travel can expand in a million ways, now and forever as long as the earth is beautiful..!

The appeal of using butt plugs while traveling

Are you planning for a vacation time away from your regular routine? Are you looking forward to an exotic vacation destination with your better half?   When you are out of your routine and in an exotic destination, you could try out new things which you have only fantasized till now.  The pleasure of using sex toys will be a boost to your romantic getaway. Before you travel, do plan what to be carried and check out the online websites to select those toys.  The website Love Plugs will offer you wide variety of choices.  Using of butt plugs will give you extreme anal pleasure which you have never experience earlier. Go through all the exciting varieties of the butt plug in these websites.

However, before you travel there are few tips one should keep in mind while traveling with butt plugs and other sex toys. If you are traveling with them for the first time, you need to follow the below mentioned tips.

Tips to follow before traveling with sex toys

Keep the valuable ones in your home- There are chances that you might lose them or your luggage gets misplaced. It is always best if you could leave all your designer expensive butt plugs and other sex toys at your home. While you travel carry those which are not so expensive and will give you immense pleasure on your vacation.

Take your sex toy cleaner along with you- While you are dreaming of the pleasure these butt plugs are going to give you, don’t forget to pack those cleaners too.  Hygiene and sanitation are very much important.  If you don’t carry it along with you, you have to go search for a cleanser in an unknown place and it won’t be easily available everywhere. It is better to be prepared.

How I Became A Destination Wedding Photgrapher

Photography can bring out not only your creativity but can even help you connect with your inner self. It is such an innate feeling to focus your lens on a subject and capture the beautiful moment. To know you are responsible for helping someone treasure a moment, for life, is a beautiful feeling.

This is the main reason I got into photography, wedding photography to be more specific. The sheer joy of clicking those happy faces, capturing an array of emotions across the entire venue, clicking some truly magical shots, can be very exhilarating and rewarding.

Destination Weddings

Just as people started warming up to the idea of a professional wedding photographer (rather than just a professional photographer), the brides and grooms started wanting more. And soon enough people started looking at the backdrops for the photos. Visit to know what people are expecting these days.

When they wanted the perfect setting and weather, the wedding parties started opening up to the idea of going to a particular place for the wedding. Destination weddings have been the trend ever since.

When you are the wedding photographer for a destination wedding, it is both fun and hectic. The bride and groom are more stressed than relaxed when they are at the place of their choice. After having to travel all the way, they want nothing to go wrong. When they are so stressed, a photographer will have a tough time getting them to relax and pose for photos.

It is this challenge that attracted me towards this profession. Having to get the bride and groom into the mood to click and make them forget the stress and have fun in front of the camera is a very rewarding experience.

Not to forget the beautiful location that you get to explore. Though you will be required most of the time to click photos of every precious moment, you are bound to have some time to explore, click other subjects too. You can let the creativity flow and experiment with the location, lighting, weather, etc.

This can be a great opportunity to learn a number of things on your own.

Media companies should visit Dubai and UAE to see how it’s done

From a small sedate fishing village a few decades ago, Dubai has become one of the most visited cities in the world. It has dazzled millions of visitors with the opulence and luxurious lifestyle of people in the Emirates. It has everything that any person would like to have for entertainment. Beautiful skyline, islands- many of them man-made, humongous shopping malls, luxurious resorts, adventure games, theme parks you name it and it is here. People love to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the amazing feeling of being in that perfect place on earth.

Many huge companies like to organize their events here, as this is the perfect place where people from all nationalities come together and the cities can cater to all their requirements easily. If you have money, then you can get anything delivered to your doorstep. Here we are not talking about the pizza or clothes. You can get really anything from gold to a luxurious made to order 7-course meal or a customized car; everything is available and where you want it and when you want it.

No wonder, event management companies love to organize their events in these cities. They get the richest people on the planet as clients who are ready to spend their money and get an event that remains cherished and talked about for many years to come.

You can check out the event media for all your needs, and find the suitable company for your needs. A simple, elegant small event for a small launch or fashion show or a musical performance or sports event for 50000, the companies can organize all kinds of events easily as the venues and options are abundantly available here. The Friday brunches are legendary. You can choose the best performers and artists and have the most memorable venue for the event

Modern culture meets tradition here. These cities are liberal compared to many other cities and yet one must be careful to know the local customs and traditions before organizing an event. If you want the most luxurious and amazing events, then no other place can compare to the Emirates.

Work and Travel Overseas: Become a massage therapist

Who does not like traveling? It is the thought of the money that keeps our dreams of traveling in check. Even if you save money and travel cheap, then also the money is going to run out someday and there is only so much that you can achieve in a limited amount of money. Here is an avenue that allows you to travel and earn money at the same time.

This is the amazingly flexible career option of being a massage therapist. There are many reasons to work as a massage therapist. You work in a beautiful, serene environment, help people in their quest for wellness and above all you can choose the work hours and place according to your convenience. The best feature is that you can work anywhere, as long as you have a license and certificate, and that helps you to travel anywhere in the world.

Think of a cruise liner in the Pacific Ocean or a spa in Thailand, a beach in Australia or an exclusive resort in Switzerland; you can work anywhere, and enjoy the benefits and perks that come with these luxurious places. The possibilities are endless. As it is massage techniques are well refined over centuries and you can complete a certification course form a recognized institute as that is an essential qualification. You can travel the entire world and work wherever you want.  There are couples who come for their honeymoon and want glamorous massage sessions together. Similarly, new mothers come to recover from the stress to get a post-natal massage. You can help them all.

You can choose a sports organization as that will allow you to travel the world with a team as their personal massage therapist. Alternatively, you can choose a cruise liner that will take you to exotic places. Resorts in exclusive places also offer best-staying arrangements. Your working hours will be definite but you will still have plenty of time to explore the new places. You can also join a traveling company on a contract basis and visit different countries.

With so many opportunities, you can choose the idea that appeals to you and travels the world while making money and helping people along the way. After this, the sky is the limit.

Where Is Synthetic Urine Being Transported From?

The first time I was asked to take the drug test:

I failed miserably! I had only smoked weed once and only a couple of puffs at a bestie party and I didn’t even remember it. That was so long ago, like five weeks ago a couple of days plus or minus!

Yet, I failed?

This was crumbling. I didn’t know the effect of only one or two puffs of it stayed in the body for so long so as to be able to be traceable in the urine also. I was going to learn a lot more, you bet.

Now, my friends who were like animals that night of which I am talking about passed!

So, naturally, I was zapped. I was wondering if they could pass the drug test, there must have been something really special about this. That truth is stranger than fiction is something I was going to unravel soon. Only that I didn’t know that I was on a threshold of a big discovery, something that would serve to help me for the rest of my career.

I called up Adam to ask and he was amazed to know that I had not been able to make it. he asked me what brand I used and I was like dude! Brand; what brand?

How naïve of me:

He told me that all of them, Adam, Smith, Billy, and Joel gave synthetic pee for testing and that is how they were able to get away with the drug test in spite of the fact that they do drugs so very often.

The best synthetic pee review:

He put me on a couple of websites and explained to me in detail how the synthetic pee is made in labs and then transported to the addressee. This opened a world of possibilities to me. Though I am not into drugs, it is always good to know, right?

My Travel Food Diary

I am extremely conscious of what I eat:

While I take every bit of caution to eat right and consume in the best proportion as much as needed by my body’s metabolism, I have come to realize that the whole concept of healthy eating goes for a toss when I am traveling.

The reason I attribute to this is while we are traveling we are dependent on the eateries and stalls that are available in a limited circumference. There is no choice really; once you decide to skip an eatery in search for a better one on the route, there is a chance that there might not be any and that you may consequently have to skip the meal itself.

Now, this can be dangerous:

Skipping meals can be dangerous especially when you are outside the home. You need to have energy levels to be able to take care of yourself. While traveling you cannot expect every one on the way to help you in case you have a weakness. You cannot afford to faint and fall – you get the drift?

I came across this application on the web while browsing one day:

It is called ‘My fafo’ and it is an incredible little app. I am still amused why no one thought about this before. This quaint little app; because it takes very little space on my smart phone helps me navigate through a lot of places where I can eat. This means that if I am traveling and I want to eat at a particular time then I need to just check if there is any other food outlet on my way to the destination. If it says yes there is I go ahead and if it negates, then I pick up a parcel from the one that I am passing immediately. See, how simple it makes life when you are traveling.

But wait, it helps me even when I am at the station! Three cheers for this wonderful app!!

Travel Issues you need to be Aware of

Although travelling might sound all fun and chirpy when heard, there are some troubles and a lot of stress. Travel is only fun when you have got it all together by planning well ahead or when you are pretty laid back and do not have a lot on your plate planned for your vacation. When you are travelling you need to know the issues that might turn up so you could be prepared if the need be.

Keep all your documents intact – It is important that you keep all your documents including your passport and insurance and visa and all other vital documents organized or in place at all times. Your trip could go unplanned if any of it goes missing.

Travel and health insurance – it is important to read up on the place you are planning to visit and be acquainted with all the medical procedures there. In some countries, a doctor visit could be expensive and your travel insurance needs to cover that so you do not end up spending a huge amount of medical expenses.

Diseases and impromptu outbreaks- When you are planning a vacation to a destination it is vital to do a research to know I there are any recent outbreaks of contagious diseases and how important it is to be vaccinated against it. How easily are the vaccines available are a point you need to be aware of. You need to talk to your GP and know about these situations.

International bank cards – it is important that you carry the international cards wherever you go as not all cards work internationally. It could certainly kill all your shopping plans if your card is not working when you need to swipe. Your destination is the best place to shop for all the things and I got a dry sack bag for my birthday while I was travelling.


Investing in a campervan is expensive business. Unless you have a good amount of money to buy a firsthand camper van, redoing a pre-owned campervan is also a good idea. Then again, refurbishing your it does not always need to be an expensive affair.

Just a few hacks here and there and you can easily refurbish your van to become as good as new. All you need here is the will, time and effort to do it. These efforts are also valid when renting out a motorhome; this is the site where I hired a motorhome in Scotland.

Some of the tricks you can try are:

Update the engine service: Even if the overall condition of the campervan looks fine, a little bit of engine servicing will go a long way. Check the spark plugs and points and change the fuses with new ones. In case you are not confident, any local mechanic will be able to do this for you.

Deciding what to keep and what to give up: Before you head out for your first road trip, assess the current condition of the van. Check for all unnecessary things that are taking up space or things that may be making the vehicle slower. Weight the things if they are worth taking on the trip, if not, it is best to get rid of them.

Clean out all insects, spiders and rodents: These are the last things you want accompanying you on the trip. Make sure you use all the insecticides and traps needed to get rid of all pests.

Cleaning Up: A good clean up itself will actually help your campervan look like new. You can use various cleaning agents and vacuuming options. When the layer of dust accumulated over the van is removed, it gives a new look. Depending upon the materials used in the interiors, you can also consider waxing and polishing surfaces to give it a clean and fresh look.

Change the upholstery: The campervan is to be your home for the trip, if the seats and cushions are torn and tattered, your trip will unnecessarily be uncomfortable. Changing them will lend new attractive looks as well as make your trip more comfortable.

Eating At The Castle Inn Restaurant and Bar

Eating At The Castle Inn Restaurant and Bar

You will be offered a lot of dining and drinking options if you decide to sample the food that is served in the bar and restaurant of Castle Inn. Some of the best-tasting food can be had at the inn’s restaurant. And only the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the food that you will eat. All of the restaurant’s dishes are also made with the most appetizing and authentic ingredients, so you will get to taste some of the best local cuisines in the area. Many people travel to the Castle Inn just to eat the food that is served there.

Eating at the Castle Inn restaurant

The Castle Inn restaurants have got a lot of dining options that you can choose. You can sample some of the best Devon cuisines if you eat at the restaurant in the inn. Mouthwatering delights are yours to order if you want to eat dinner or lunch there. You can order tender and cooked to perfection steaks, or even order some fresh salads as well. You could find any food that would fit anyone’s tastes.

The intimate setting of the restaurant also makes it a great place for parties. So if you are planning to host an event, the restaurant at Castle Inn could be your best choice. The restaurant has got a lot of party and function rooms that you can choose. And it may be a good idea to try and check out the function rooms at the restaurant. There are rooms that can serve all different sizes of parties, from smaller intimate events to bigger ones aswell

The team at the restaurant has got years of experience in the food service industry. They have got the experience with private dining, customized catering menus, and even large buffets as well. The cooking team at the restaurant will be able to whip up anything that you want from delicious finger foods to full-course meals!

The bar experience at Castle Inn

You would be able to choose a large selection of fine wine, freshly brewed beers, and liquor at the bar in Castle Inn. And with that huge number of choices of liquor that you have, you are bound to be able to find something that can appease your palate or taste in drinks.

The beers that you can order from the bar are all made and bought from local breweries. So you would actually be able to drink some of the finest beers that are offered in the area.

The experience at drinking at the bar in Castle Inn is more casual. The relaxing environment of the bar is going to set you at ease, so it would be a perfect place to unwind and get a drink if you are inclined to do so. The cozy atmosphere of the bar is sure to put you at ease. And the patrons at the bar are all friendly as well. The bar even features an open fireplace, so that you would be able to have an even cozier and warmer feeling drinking at the bar.

In addition to the drinks that you can order at the bar, you may also be able to order from an extensive list of great-tasting bar food. Drinking at the Castle Inn bar could the perfect end to a long day if you would just like a warm bar to relax in.

Why Travel To North Devon?

Why Travel To North Devon?

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the UK, why not travel to the North Devon area? This area of the country has got a lot of sights that you can see, and you would be able to take your whole family for a vacation there. The beautiful coastline in the Devon area extends all of the ways up north. And you would be able to enjoy sheer stunning cliffs in around Devon. The various towns and locales around Devon such as Lynton and Lynmouth are also picturesque, and there are many other tourist activities that you can also try out at these places in Devon.


The seaside resort town of Ilfracombe is definitely a spot that should visit whenever you are in Devon. You can charter a boat to explore the sea becauseIlfracombe has got a quaint harbor that you can check out. If you visitIlfracombe, you would enjoy a nice vacation by the sea. The town is also surrounded by some great views and scenic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. And many people travel to this place to catch an amazing glimpse of the ocean. The towering cliffs around Ilfracombe are also great places to explore.


This is another small harbor town that you should visit in North Devon. Travel to this place if you would like to see a small town on top of a cliff, you will get a majestic view of the ocean if you go to Lynton. This town also has a lot of attractions that you can visit. You can check out and ride the Lynton &Barnstaple Railway. The trains that they use are authentically antique, so you will get to ride on a classic coal powered train!


The coal train railway that starts in the town of Lynton also connects to Lynmouth, so you could easily try to ride the train between these locations. You can travel or stay at any of these two towns, and visiting either one is only a train ride away. You could try to also visit Lynmouth beach, which is a beautiful stretch of coasts near the town.


This town is North Devon is another great reason why you should travel to the area. You will get to see the wonderful stone beaches of the area if you travel to Minehead. The wildlife in the moors around the area is also teeming. And you will get to see some great animals if you visit the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, which is located in Minehead.

Westward Ho

Traveling to this seaside town in North Devon will also give you the opportunity to surf! The beaches around Westward Ho offer many surfing opportunities. So if you fancy learning how to surf, maybe you should enroll in one of the many surfing lessons offered in the town. There are all sorts of beach and sports activities that you should check out when you visit the town. And Westward Ho is definitely a place to travel to in North Devon.