About Us

Welcome to the website of the Castle Inn! The Castle Inn is a premier hotel and lodging house. The inn offers different rooms that you can rent if you need some place to stay at. And there are different prices of rooms that you can choose as well. If you are looking for affordable rooms that you can stay, you should check out Castle Inn. You can read about the prices and kinds of room services that we offer if you browse through the rest of this website. We have got rooms for families or single travelers.

The Castle Inn had a long history in the local area, and we have proudly served as a hotel and dining establishment. We also have a restaurant and bar that you can book for reservation. Aside from dinners, we also serve lunch and breakfasts at the inn. Visit our bar if you would like a large selection of brewed beers and fine wines. You would not be disappointed in any of menu items that you can order. We have got many years of service in the food industry, and we promise satisfaction to all of our patrons.

Check out our articles if you are thinking about traveling to Castle Inn and would like to learn more. You would not regret your decision to stay at the Castle Inn ! We offer the best hospitality services around and be able to enjoy your trip.