The Best Strategies for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holiday season can mean different things to different people. Holidays are occasions for family get-together events, family dinners, parties and lots more. There are all the delicious cuisines on the table and the best of wine at home. This is when you have to be extra careful not to consume too much alcohol or do drugs. For staying sober during the holidays here are a few tips –

If you are in a recovery phase, take extra care

Holidays are the most critical times for those who are on their recovery phase after substance abuse. Find all the help you need and stick with the exercise and diet routines you are prescribed in order to keep your body healthy and your mind focused. Be with your family and accept their support in helping you stay sober. You can find more beneficial tips at

Identify your triggers

If you know that there are specific triggers that can tempt you to go back to alcohol or doing drugs identify them and avoid them. If there are friends with whom you had earlier done drugs, those who can be a bad influence or bring back the memories and act as triggers, avoid them as well. Spend time instead doing things you love doing and with your loved ones who are determined to help you.

Plan your holidays and keep yourself busy

You might end up signing up for last-minute parties or other events where you are likely to lose control if you have too much time at hand. Plan your holidays in advance. Schedule your activities and the parties you plan to attend. Go on a vacation with your family or enroll yourself in a course or learn a new skill. Figure out the most effective ways to keep yourself occupied.